iPrep – Watson Glaser Guide

Many companies in the world (including legal firms and banks) use the Watson Glaser logical thinking test as a part of their selection process in looking to get the most talented people on board.

I have worked with the company iPrep to produce detailed guidance on how to pass this test. This guidance deals in detail with the different parts of the test (inference, assumptions, deduction, interpretation, and evaluation) and is accompanied by practice versions of the test. In following this guidance and doing the practice tests, you will be very much prepared for the real thing.

Visit iPrep for Watson Glaser free online practice and more.

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16th Sep

videos now with Portuguese subtitles

The two videos on critical thinking that are already on this website can now be seen with Portuguese subtitles. They are already available in this form on You Tube, and will also be on our website shortly. The skills of …
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Posted by: Roy

27th Aug

talk on developing critical and creative thinking

When I was presenting at the International Conference on Thinking in Wellington, New Zealand, in January 2013, I was asked to speak on critical thinking for a short video. In this video I talk about the central importance of creativity …
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Posted by: Roy