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Critical Thinking?

Avoid unwarranted claims, flawed planning, the inability to express your ideas clearly - Critical Thinking has many benefits.

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iPrep – Watson Glaser Guide

Many companies in the world (including legal firms and banks) use the Watson Glaser logical thinking test as a part of their selection process in looking to get the most talented people on board.

I have worked with the company iPrep to produce detailed guidance on how to pass this test. This guidance deals in detail with the different parts of the test (inference, assumptions, deduction, interpretation, and evaluation) and is accompanied by practice versions of the test. In following this guidance and doing the practice tests, you will be very much prepared for the real thing.

Visit iPrep for Watson Glaser free online practice and more.

Critical Thinking Development

If…then ltd has been active in the field of Critical Thinking for over ten years. It is renowned for its considerable experience and innovation in providing training, developing critical thinking skills, business decision-making, teaching, and other services in this subject.

If…then has the great advantage of being completely independent. In this way, its services and resources are not tied to the demands of assessment boards or any other organisation (with all the limitations and narrowness that such demands bring). We allow Critical Thinking to develop freely, by stressing its hugely creative potential.

Critical Thinking is concerned with the significance of claims that are made.

Here’s an example.


In 2010, it was reported that severely depressed people eat twice as much chocolate per month than the non-depressed.

So what’s going on here? What’s the explanation?

  • Is it that depression somehow makes people eat more chocolate? Perhaps by chemical changes?
  • Is it that eating lots of chocolate makes us depressed? Again, perhaps by chemical changes?
  • Both of the above?
  • People who eat a lot of chocolate feel guilty about this and this adds to negative feelings to create depression.
  • Severely depressed people are more likely to have time off work, giving more opportunities for chocolate-eating.
  • All of these?
  • None of these…perhaps something else?
  • Just coincidence?

Call +44 (0)1473 411247 for more information on how developing Critical Thinking skills with our seminars, workshops, and other services will change your business, your students, and your outlook for the better.

We also offer a range of Critical Thinking products to develop these important skills.

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Ideas won't keep. Something must be done about them.

(Alfred North Whitehead 1861-1947)